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《In C》



#2022 Taiwan Music Showcase入選團隊與節目

Photo by 方建翔

《In C》可以做為代表的音樂的C和弦、Contemporary、Classic、C程式語言、Concept概念,以此作為MANAGONA草本藥師樂團的開場,以擊樂開始,透過原聲樂器演奏與電子聲響的融合,引領著觀眾進入一種虛與實的狀態。


從一開始,我們的作品直接受到音樂會實踐的啟發,我們回顧了極簡主義作曲家Terry Riley(1960)和序列主義作曲家Iannis Xenakis(1979)的作品。因此,這兩種音樂風格可以被視為我們音樂的發想和風格研究的基礎。這些曲目中,有一半以上是在創作過程中即興而成的,我們融合了多種風格,創造出MANAGONA草本藥師獨特的音樂風格,涵蓋當代音樂和實驗聲響。

"In C" can be regarded as representative music, encompassing C chords, contemporary and classical elements, the C programming language, and conceptual concepts. It serves as the opening piece for MANAGONA Herbalist Orchestra, commencing with percussion and blending acoustic instruments with electronic sounds to lead the audience into a state of both the virtual and the real.

The initial concept of our music is multifunctional, as it is suitable for dancing while also carrying spiritual and abstract qualities, offering a multi-layered listening experience. You can dance, travel, or establish a pure sensory connection with the music. We also provide an immersive listening experience, incorporating intricate harmonies and complex rhythmic overlays.

Right from the outset, our compositions draw direct inspiration from the practice of live concerts, recalling the works of minimalist composer Terry Riley (1960) and serialist composer Iannis Xenakis (1979). Hence, these two musical styles can be considered the foundation of our musical inspiration and stylistic research. Among these tracks, more than half were spontaneously composed during the creative process, as we blend various styles to create the unique musical style of MANAGONA Herbalist, encompassing contemporary music and experimental soundscapes.


草本藥師MANAGONA(2022 Taiwan Music Showcase入選團隊)



2023/11/18、19 (六、日) 15:40


40 分鐘,無中場休息

Duration is 40 minutes, no intermission


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