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草本藥師MANAGONA以音樂及聲音藝術與視覺科技連結作為核心理念,並專注於當代音樂發展和多元跨領域合作。 樂團成員為留法打擊樂家,李茂嵩、鄭宛宜。 回台後嘗試將打擊樂器樂與電子聲響融合實驗的方式呈現,引領著大家思考音樂藝術的純粹與可能性。

MANAGONA holds as its core concept the intersection of music, sound art and visual technology; the focus is on creating a unique contemporary musical experience through inter-disciplinary collaboration. The founding members of MANAGONA are Lee Mao-Sung and Cheng Wan-Yi, who are both graduates of Conservatoire de Versailles, France. Upon their return to Taiwan, the duo began exploring the possibilities of amalgamating percussion with electronic music while augmenting their compositions with electronically-generated visuals. The end result creates an intriguing multi-sensory experience that entices and entrances the listener; the purity of these creations expand the boundaries of one’s perception of music and art.




Wan-Yi CHENG, a member of the MANAGONA , has been actively exploring diverse musical styles and innovative performance art in recent years. She is dedicated to collaborative composition and interdisciplinary exchanges, continuously pushing for the multifaceted development of instrumental music performance and artistic expression.

Her performance focus has gradually shifted towards cross-disciplinary collaborations, actively exploring experimental performance styles that blend percussion with electronic music as a medium.



Mao-Sung LEE, the leader of the MANAGONA, began his musical journey as a rock drummer and later pursued percussion studies at the Conservatoire de Versailles in France. Initially, he considered himself to be delving into classical music, but unexpectedly found his life's inspiration in contemporary music. During his time in Paris, he witnessed the trend of cross-genre music and firmly believed that the fusion of music, sound art, and visual technology is the core concept of modern music.

With this foundation, he boldly ventured into experimenting with the integration of percussion instruments and electronic sounds. This avant-garde exploration not only infused new elements into music but also prompted audiences to contemplate the purity of musical art and the possibilities it can encompass.




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