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《聆聽城市》:臺北_一本聲音的雜誌 Listening Cities: Taipei, a Sound Magazine



© Ensemble KNM Berlin


聆聽一座城市,並不僅僅在於感知它的聲響特徵,更因為城市是一個由人類活動和社會文化所組成的有機體。基輔、利馬和台北目前成為媒體報導的焦點, 無論是俄羅斯在烏克蘭的戰爭、秘魯境內因對農村住民的社會歧視而引發的暴力騷亂、還是中國對臺灣主權的種種威脅,都與文化身份的侵犯、拒絕和抹殺有關。




Listening Cities is the name of KNM Berlin's new sound magazine, dedicated in 2023 to music from three very different metropolitan regions of the world: Kyiv, Lima and Taipei.

Listening to a city does not only mean perceiving its acoustic signatures. The city is first and foremost an organism of human activities and social-cultural agreements.

listening cities therefore asks current composers and artists from the above-mentioned metropolises about the geographical, social, political and historical context of their art. Kyiv, Lima and Taipei are currently in the media spotlight. Whether the Russian war in Ukraine, the violent unrest in Peru, which is primarily based on the social discrimination of the indigenous rural population, or the threatened invasion of mainland China in Taiwan - it is always also about the violation, rejection and erasure of cultural identities.

Listening Cities is a project of Ensemble KNM Berlin in cooperation with One More Festival Taipei, Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, Kultur Büro Elisabeth, and FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. Supported by Musikfonds e. V. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. With the kind support of the Goethe-Institut Taipei.


Ana Maria RODRIGUEZ:《花開的頻率》給古箏、低音豎笛、中提琴(樂器版本世界首演)

林芳宜:《異托邦的素描本 III》給小提琴、低音大提琴、擊樂(世界首演)

Ana Maria Rodriguez: The Frequency of Flowers for Guzheng, Bass Clarinet and Viola (Instrumental Version, World Premiere)

Lin Fang-yi: Heterotopia Sketch III, for Double Bass, Violin, Percussion (World Premiere)


中提琴|Kirstin Maria Pientka、低音豎笛|Theo Nabicht




分享者:Thomas Bruns 、Ana Maria RODRIGUEZ、林芳宜






Listening Cities: Taipei, a Sound Magazine

Strategic Alliance|C-LAB Sound Festival

Production|Studio Acht (TW), Ensemble KNM Berlin (DE)

Intl' Collaboration| Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, Kultur Büro Elisabeth, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT

Supported by|The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (Germany), Goethe-Institut Taipei, National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan)


2023/11/14 (二) 19:30

C-LAB臺灣聲響實驗室 立體聲場

Spatial Audio Field, Taiwan Sound Lab, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

50 分鐘,無中場休息

Duration is 50 minutes, no intermission


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