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藝術家/周芯 Sarah Chou

周芯於國立臺北藝術大學音樂系主修過小提琴與理論作曲,演奏古典、當代與即興音樂為主。近幾年開始接觸舞蹈並大量參與跨領域及劇場製作,嘗試模糊樂手與劇場表演者之間的身分界線。2021《看得見的音樂表演——從「合奏」到「合作」》結合演奏、肢體、行為、戲劇並獲台新藝術獎提名,2022委託創作《岸》由原雙簧三重奏首演於兩廳院演奏廳、衛武營表演廳,2023入選《雲門劇場樂舞跨域工作坊》與Dance Festival Malta 2023 ‘Urban Symphony’ 駐地演出計劃,於跳舞蘭演出《欸巴哈,我出去一下等等回來》hey Bach, I’ll be back in a Beat林憶圻x周芯雙人作品,下半年演出於藝穗節、i-dance Taipei、再壹波藝術節。

Sarah Chou studied violin and composition at Taipei University of the Arts, performing classical, contemporary and improvised works. Since 2021, she started collaborating in many interdisciplinary projects concerning theatre and dance, experimenting with the concept of a moving musician. In 2021, she performed in Wen-Hao Lee’s “From Musical Collaboration to Interpersonal Collaboration” playing with the concept of minimalism using lemons, games, monologues and musical performance which was nominated for the 20th Taishin Arts Award. In 2022, her commissioned work ‘shore’ (2021) was premiered by Original Oboe Trio at NTCH and Weiwuying. In 2023, she participated in Cloud Gate Theatre’s workshop for dancers & musicians, performed in Dance Festival Malta 2023 ‘Urban Symphony’, and premiered a duet work ‘hey Bach, I’ll be back in a Beat’ with Yi Chi Lin at Dancing Orchid, also performing recently at Taipei Fringe Festival, i-dance Taipei and One More Festival.



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