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由張育瑛與鄭雅心共同創立,於2009年獲得盧森堡國際擊樂大賽二重奏組銅牌,為此賽事史上首次由臺灣人組成之隊伍獲獎。 那娜融合東方風韻與西方技法、改編古典曲目、嘗試跨界領域展 演並與各國新銳作曲家共創,展演遍及臺、盧森堡、中、法、日、韓、美、波蘭、德、斯洛維尼亞。 2014年雅砌發行首張專輯「謐光 」及風潮唱片發行「多邊蔓延」跨界專輯 ; 2019年由環球音樂發行第二張專輯「懷月之心」入圍2020年第31屆傳藝金曲獎最佳編曲、最佳作曲、最佳錄音三項大獎提名。 2022 錄像音樂會《超擊親密‧開箱沙龍》、《擊空明兮溯流光》入圍 2023年廣藝基金會第一屆雲舞台獎,「擊空明兮溯流光」最終獲得「音樂類」雲舞台獎。

NanaFormosa Percussion Duo was founded by percussionists Chang Yu-Ying and Cheng Ya-Hsin in 2009. They won the bronze prize in the percussion duo at the International Percussion Competition of Luxembourg in the same year—it was the first time for a Taiwanese group to win at the event—and they have been active on-stage at home and abroad since. In recent years, they have focused on refining their performances as a percussion duo: while infusing eastern cultural heritage into western techniques, they adapt classical pieces and work across different genres. NanaFormosa Percussion Duo has commissioned works from up-and-coming composers, including Pan Chia-Lin, Chiu Hao-Yuan, Chen Ting-Chuan, Tsai Wen-Chi, Janelle Yi-Chen Chang, Martijn Vanbuel, Yang Tsu-Yao, Chen Heng, Chen Chia-Hui, Roméo Monteiro, Michael Udow, Rodrigo Bussad, and Jorge Grossmann. The group has also collaborated with musicians in Taiwan and around the world, including professor Chen Jer-Huei, Yang Yi-Ping, Cheng Ya-Chi, Lu Zhengdao, Chen Chun-Ting, Chen Pei-Yin, Keiko Abe, Isao Nakamura, Jean Geoffroy, Anders Åstrand, Yi-Ping Yang, Minh-Tam Nguyen, Jean-Baptiste Leclère, Gadric Subiraha, Garrett Mendelow, Sori Choi, and Moitié Duo. NanaFormosa has brought its diverse and distinct style to audiences in Luxembourg, China, France, Japan, Korea, the US, Poland, Taiwan, Germany, and Slovenia. Their second album Moon Inside, released by Universal Music Group in 2019, received three nominations at the 31st Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, including Best Music Arrangement, Best Composition, and Best Recording.




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