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大地時光 Moments on the Land



  • Intro 作曲/CUBE BAND

  • 《蓮生》 作曲/CUBE BAND


  • 《浮水仙山》 作曲/CUBE BAND


  • Inter 作曲/CUBE BAND

  • 《夜半聽潮》 原作/潮州音樂、改編/陳樂鐸


  • 《歷劫》 作曲/CUBE BAND


  • 《Daydream》 作曲/CUBE BAND


  • 《潮濕的霧色》 作曲/CUBE BAND




  • Intro Composer/CUBE BAND

  • Born Amid the Lotuses Composer/CUBE BAND

Inspired by and rooted in Hakka Han music piece Lotus Emerging from the Water, this work is developed by incorporating impromptu sections that flow like wandering thoughts, while the alignment and experience of the musicians encourage listeners to immerse in the refreshing imagery, serenity, and blossoming of the lotus.

  • Immortal Mountain Floating on the Water Composer/CUBE BAND

Based on the painting Towers and Pavilions in Mountains of the Immortals in the National Palace Museum, this work transforms the dwelling place of the deities into a piece of lively music, hoping that audiences will be able to reach a state of calm and peace as long as they are at ease in mind and body, regardless of their physical presence.

  • Inter Composer/CUBE BAND

  • Listening to the Tides at Midnight Original Track/Music of Chaozhou;Music Arranger/CHEN Yue-Dou

An arrangement of Chaozhou music piece Winter Crows Playing in Water, this work restructures the “5546556542” motive of the original work, while the harmonics of the guzheng and pipa are weaved throughout the entire piece to create the surreal, vast scene of the night. As the music layers and moves forward, a quiet but spectacular imagery of nighttime is depicted.

  • Kalpa Composer/CUBE BAND

To endure Kalpa (calamity) means to go through the destruction of the universe. Heaven has crafted a fate for us all, and we are born to face and endure calamity. The purpose of life is to be met with challenges and suffering, and once we overcome these obstacles, we will be rebirthed and become one with the universe and our true selves.

  • Daydream Composer/CUBE BAND

With major seventh chords weaving throughout, this piece penetrates the timeline of sleepy afternoons and creates a sensation as if wandering, tracing, roaming, and immersing in the romance before awakening.

  • The Damp Fog Composer/CUBE BAND

Spring is always damp and moist, especially during Spring in Taipei. Restlessness and oversensitivity cover the city with a sheen of memory. The light morning fog and sticky memories birth energy for new life through the nourishment and energy harbored deep in our bodies.


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