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Listen to the Calling from Afar and Follow the Sounds of the Heart

One More Festival is an initiative organized by Studio Acht that believes in equality in art. By crossing the boundaries of nations and cultures and through different methodologies, One More Festival abandons all unnecessary burdens and returns to the essence of music, touching the senses to present the musical frequencies of a new generation.

In our contemporary age where both information and artists are able to easily travel across the world, the 2020 theme “Spiritual Nomads” explores how changes between the nature and nurture of cultural take shape in the spiritual nomad and manifest through culture.

Although COVID-19 has forced many plans to a halt, it has also provided us opportunities to adopt new perspectives and reinspect the nature of performance art in terms of presentness and the possibility of an international network. Furthermore, the turbulence of our times has also allowed the value of art to include broader and deeper dialectical contemplations. Designed as “Spiritual Nomads,” One More Festival presents the query: “The pandemic has forced us to cancel our travel plans. However, since our quest for art continues, how can we regroup and once again set off on our journeys?” Precisely because art is a source for different reinforcements, such as providing company, clarifying confusions, or encouraging reflections, the spiritual supplement of art will undoubtedly give us the courage to start over.

The “virtual performances” from across the sea guides audiences to cross geological boundaries to present the creations from Vienna, Hong Kong, and Berlin, breaking down national barriers with the power of technology to allow sustainable, international collaboration and exchange.

Live performances” will be presented by Asia Contemporary Tradition Ensemble, a new generation of musicians of traditional instruments from Taiwan, and the other collaboration between dancers from Lanyu and musicians from the island of Taiwan. Together, the artists will be presenting innovative performances that hope to transform audiences into musical nomads, traveling afar through the creativity of art and festive gatherings.

3 Virtual Performances ╳ 2 Live Performances╳ 1 Conversation 

Let’s Set Off toward the Unknown!

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